Why Are Inkjet a Bad Choice For Offices?

A lot of consumers are confused about where to get an inkjet printer for their office or not. There is a lot of difference between an inkjet printer and a laser printer, which is one of the most popular printers in companies. Inkjet printers use ink, and they are reliable when it comes to low volume printing, it is also the choice of home users. Laser printers are ideal for high volume printing, and they are used in offices. 

Before you get a piece of office equipment, it is best to know how you are going to use it and how much your budget is for it. The reason why a lot of companies are getting inkjet printers is that it is smaller, cheaper, and versatile because it can print text-based documents and high-quality pictures. But you must keep in mind that cheap inkjet printers may cost you a lot later on.  

So why are inkjet printers not suitable for offices? You first need to ask what’s the primary purpose of getting a printer for your office. All offices need a reliable printer; if your logo has colors, then you can use inkjet printers. It can print in black, and it can also print colored parts. Inkjet printers are also cheaper compared to the other types of printers in the market. 

Inkjet printers are also great for home use and those who occasionally print documents, most people would tell you to get an inkjet printer, but a common issue with it is that the ink dries up if you do not use it. So instead of saving a lot of money because the equipment is cheaper than other printers in the market, you end up spending more on maintenance. If you have the budget for it, you can get a laser printer instead so you won’t have to worry about any ink drying up. 

But if you need to print a small volume of colored images and documents regularly, then inkjet printers can get the job done for you. Laser printers can print large volumes of documents frequently, and they are durable, although they are built-in for office use, they are growing in popularity as a home printer as well, mostly because of economic reasons. 

If you need to print a high volume of colored documents, you can choose laser printers because they are great for everyday printing, but if you are looking to print high-resolution pictures, then it is best to go with a photo inkjet printer. High-quality photo printers are made to produce detailed images with deeper blacks and tonal variety that creatives need. A lot of professional inkjet printers use inks that are fade-resistant and work with different types of art papers as well as different paper sizes, but you can also find photo printers that are dye-based if you do not need the longevity of the ink. 

Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of having an inkjet printer, you need to consider the amount of colored printing that you will need regularly. If you need to print gallery photos, then you need to get a photo inkjet printer. But if you need medium quality images that do not need tonal range or color depth, and if you do not need to print colored documents regularly, then you can get laser printers instead. They do not have toners that dry up if they are not used and you can print more pages. 

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Although laser printers are a bit expensive, and inkjet printers are cheaper, you need to consider the number of times that you will have to maintain inkjet printers. If it will be frequent, then it is more practical to get the laser printer instead.