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7 Most Important Questions When Leasing Copiers

7 Most Important Questions When Leasing Copiers

Companies are always looking for ways to enhance their office workflows, so they often look to new technology for help. Imaging technology is constantly improving, and they have made new copiers as an attractive option for businesses. One way to get the copier that you’ve always wanted for your business is by leasing it. There are a lot of options available for you, from multifunction printers with advanced features to wide format printers, they can serve your copying and printing needs. No matter which vendor you choose, it is important to know the right questions to ask when leasing a copier. 

Can the machine print in color? 

The ability of the machine to print in color is often overlooked until it is time to print a document in color. If there is even the slightest chance that you want the option of printing in color, it is best to ask about a product that gives you both. Color is not as expensive as you think, especially if you are outsourcing color. 

Can the machine be enabled for wireless printing?

Most of the copiers today that live on a network can be enabled for wireless printing. The main difference is the user interfaces that are used to print. A lot of manufacturers have dedicated applications that you can download and configure to enable this feature, and they all differ slightly. It is best to check out all the options and request an actual demo of the whole process, especially if you are looking for something that is easy for people to use. 

What is the leasing company’s response time in your specific area, and what do they consider “reasonable” in terms of equipment downtime?

It is easy for a leasing company to say that they have a great reputation for service response time, but actually doing it when the time comes is another thing. In addition to a service agreement, you can ask for references from customers in a similar business as you. If they can’t give you a reference, then there is a reason for that. 

How does the leasing company manage parts for the copier that you are considering? Are they in stock or do they need a special order?

Supply inventory is another important thing that you need to know about. Some leasing companies make the investment, and they keep real-time stock available to their technicians while others wait for their customers to need to parts before they order them from the manufacturer. Knowing the leasing company’s policy is paramount, especially if you are in an industry that can’t afford printing disruptions. 

Will the company provide a service loaner free of charge if they can’t fix a machine?

Another question that needs to be asked. If the leasing company won’t, you can ask about the kinds of accommodations that they will make if you are in a bind. Will the leasing company pay for the work to be outsourced, or will it be shouldered by you? Can you come to their showroom and use their demo fleet, or is that not allowed? 

What kind of purchasing options does the leasing company offer?

It is best to weigh in the pros and cons of buying a copier versus leasing one. If you are the kind of company that needs to spread out the cost over a long period of time, then leasing may be the best way to go. If you decide to lease a copier, then be sure that you understand your role in the agreement, especially if you need to make changes or default in the middle of your contract. 

Are there any features in a newer version of the model you are considering that might be worth waiting for?

Once you decide to get a copier, make sure to ask about the longevity of the model. Like cars, copiers also get facelifts. There are significant changes in a product’s features that can also be an opportunity to get a better deal, as the dealer may be looking to make room for the new inventory. Leasing a copier is a great investment, and it would also be a great experience as long as you know the right questions to ask. 

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