ECi FMAudit and ROI Print Manager Now Integrated

ECi FMAudit and ROI Print Manager Now Integrated

Fort Worth, TX— ECi Software Solutions (, a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions, today announced the availability of an integration between its FMAudit solution and the ROI Print Manager software from Print Control Software Inc.  ECi’s premier Managed Print Services (MPS) solution, FMAudit, and ROI Print Manager software combines leading technology for understanding and managing users’ printing data.

With one click, FMAudit clients can launch ROI Print Manager, one of the world’s leading providers of end-user tracking data, using FMAudit’s Deployer Technology.  Clients can then capture user-level workflow details in addition to traditional device-related data.  This complete solution provides analytics to deliver effective document management strategies.

“Our customers will have the benefit of accessing a new level of data tied directly to their clients’ end users when using ROI Print Manager,” said Kevin Tetu, President of FMAudit. “The realization of a true print strategy has come full circle with device and user management in one.”

By extending FMAudit data into robust end-user analytics, dealers will have the ability to determine the “who, what, when and where” of document workflow.  The integration of ROI will allow dealers the opportunity to develop a more structured managed document services program, by knowing who is printing, how much they are printing, at what cost, what applications they are printing from, and where the peaks and dips of volumes are in their fleet.

The alliance adds another solution to FMAudit’s robust suite of products and is designed with the dealer channel in mind. The program offers dealers a chance to be more competitive and differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded MPS marketplace, all at an affordable cost.  The enhanced FMAudit product lineup is structured to assist dealers’ transition into Managed Document Services from MPS, as the two industries converge.  For far too long, the focus of MPS has revolved around automating meters and toner replenishment. Now, FMAudit and ROI Print Manager will deliver the broader solution many providers have always intended to bring to their clients: enabling comprehensive document and output management.

“It’s no longer about 10,000 pages were printed from this machine or that one, it’s about who created the pages, were they relevant to the business, what did they cost and could the documents have been produced faster or cheaper,” said Shane Hannan, President of Print Control Software. “That’s what ROI and FMAudit are delivering.”

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Print Control Software, Inc. (PCS) has been creating innovative workflow solutions since 1999. Our mission is to help companies understand their print environment; provide best workflow education to their users through pop-up messages and on-going reporting to orchestrate a successful MPS program.  ROI technology is time tested and continues to be one of the most robust enterprise products available today and used in many large organizations including Fortune 500 companies around the world. For more information please visit:, or call (602) 788 1313.