Fuji Xerox Debuts New Multifunction Devices

Fuji Xerox Debuts New Multifunction Devices in Asia-Pacific Region

SINGAPORE – Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. stands committed to providing users with up-to-date technologies, through its newest series of smart work enabling solutions and multifunction devices (MFDs), the ApeosPort-V/DocuCentre-V C7775 series.

Recently released in the Asia-Pacific region, these flagship devices incorporate the latest controller software, to provide universal operability and software functions, aiding customers in streamlining their business operations and resolving their everyday issues with usage of MFDs.

In this era of fast innovation and increasing demands, every business needs a competitive edge. When everything down to a MFD can play a key role in increasing productivity, customers need a versatile, technologically advanced, and powerful solution.

With the evolution of the new work environment, there is an increasing need for features that can adapt to work styles that incorporate new technology. The ApeosPort-V/DocuCentre-V C7775 series becomes an integral part of a company’s workflow when utilised with the Fuji Xerox suite of solutions, serving also as a hub and a portal, the MFD functions as a “Smart Work Enabler.”

The Smart Work Enabler delivers a competitive edge to organizations and helps drive revenue by helping customers increase productivity, streamline efficiencies, enable cost efficiency and control security, all while protecting the environment. This aids organisations in making the transition into a smart office, through a more intelligent and mobile work style.

Increasing Productivity

The Smart Work Enabler provides users with greater ability to gain access to shared documents without being deskbound. Using cloud technology, digitised information can be stored and shared, optimizing workflow and increasing productivity.

The ApeosPort-V/DocuCentre-V C7775 series supports other solutions such as mobile print that allows users to print while on the move from their mobile devices. The Scan Translation solution, which enables users to translate documents directly through the MFD by permitting users to scan hard copy documents quickly on-demand, is a convenient solution for companies to understand foreign-language documents in today’s global environment.

Streamlining Efficiencies

The technology featured in the ApeosPort-V C7775 series offers users the ability to automate critical processes, thereby reducing the need for manual workflows. Man hours spent on consolidating systems and networks can be saved by users, by allowing them to access many applications in the market from the MFD via the use of cloud-based connectors that offer integration to some of the industry’s leading cloud service providers. 

The intuitive interface of the new series, includes facial recognition and human motion sensors, which reduces waiting time and time spent on administrative tasks.  

Cost Efficiency

A plus point in any organization, the Server-less On-Demand Print function allows users to access information and print documents from another MFD when the initially selected device is in use. This reduces waiting time for document output and prevents unnecessary wastage, thereby contributing to the reduction of clients’ total cost of ownership. Moreover, it does not require hefty investments on procuring and maintaining a server.

Control Security

With the ApeosWare Management Suite featured in this series of devices, users can access a network safely and securely. Pending print jobs can be authenticated before they are released onto the MFD with secure print and card authentication. The ApeosWare Image Log* is an effective solution that helps maintain document security, and tracks the movement both electronic and paper documents through the MFD and is able to trigger an alert when a compromise of security is being detected.

Environmental Friendly

As a Smart Work Enabler, the ApeosPort-V/DocuCentre-V C7775 series allows users to make direct, quick and convenient transfers from documents to the cloud storage, hence reducing paper and energy consumption. The Smart Energy Management technology allows the devices to function with lower energy consumption. Users can also enjoy the quietness of the machine as the precise power control activates only the modules necessary for use. In addition, the devices are also made of eco-friendly plastics, further reducing an organization’s carbon footprint.

The ApeosPort-V/DocuCentre-V series and its suite of solutions offerings are designed to help customers to work smarter and more efficiently.

For more information, please visit www.fujixerox.com