Miracle Service Launches New Website

Miracle Service Launches New Website

Nexent Innovations Inc., a globally recognized leader for service management software development and maker of Miracle Service software, has unveiled their new website www.miracleservice.com.

The new website provides Miracle Service customers from around the world with an easier navigation to what matters most to them; product features, return on investment potential, and industries served. The new layout allows customers to quickly review the software modules available that will help grow and optimize their service businesses.

“We continue to invest in our business to ensure we are offering our customers a world-class experience in the use of our software programs and when they visit us online,” stated Mr. Robert Sombach, VP of Operations and Development for Nexent. “In addition to the new look and ease of navigation, the new website offers a host of support resources such as service technician tip blogs, training videos, and whitepapers. The website is one of many new advancements coming from Miracle Service this year.”

The new website was developed to highlight the unique format of Miracle Service. As a modular software platform, customers are able to pick and choose the tools that suit their business today and easily add new modules as their company grows. The new product features page clearly differentiates between the essential services that Miracle Service comes with, from the many optional add-ons that are available.

“I like the look and functionality of the new Miracle Service website”, stated Steve Lastic of Sun Print Management, Miracle Service customer. “Nice and clean and looks much more modern.”

Visit the new Miracle Service website and learn more about their modular approach to supporting field service providers at www.miracleservice.com.