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Tips to Keep your Office Copier Running Like New

It sounds frustrating to find out that your office copier is not working correctly. A Malfunctioning copier machine can indeed lead to an unproductive day in the office. 

Proper maintenance of your office copier machine will greatly help you to save a huge amount of money by simply minimizing the downtime and extending the lifespan of your office copier equipment. 

It is crucial to schedule your copier machine for a regular check-up with a service technician as a business owner. In order to make sure that your office copier machine runs smoothly like brand new, here are some useful tips that you should consider. 

Give your Copier Equipment a Break

Just like human beings, the office copier also needs a break. If your office tends to close during weekends, make it a habit to turn off your office copier when not in use. You can also set the copier to a standby or sleep mode when it isn’t used for over 15 minutes. These regular breaks will help your copier to extend its life span. If your business operates 7 days a week, consider leasing or buying a second copier machine. You can schedule your office copier to have days off every week by doing this. 

Warm it up

It is easy to walk into your office copy room and start the project immediately; however, the warm-up phase on copier machines is designed to complete and align the pre-flight list. Allowing your copier machine to have its warm-up process can lead to clear copies and a longer life span for your copier machine. 

Keep the Copier Glass Clean

It is so surprising how little lint can ruin the quality of print. Naturally, glass attracts fine particles and lint. It is evident that fine particles come off your paper when you are making copies. It is highly recommended to set a cleaning schedule for the copier glass. By doing this, you can have a precise and better composition. 

Avoid Lines

Lines in your copies mean something is wrong with your copier machine. Lines mean the copier roller is full of dust and unwanted particles. To get rid of those lines in your copies, calling professional help is best. 

Use Better Toner and Paper

It is unnecessary to pick the classiest toner and paper; however, selecting a mid-range choice will provide high quality and low price. It is the quality you want to confirm so that you will have more minor toner breaks and leaks, fewer paper lint, and excellent print quality. 

Load Paper Cautiously

One of the top problems that beginners encounter with copier machines is loading the paper the wrong way. Once the document is not loaded cautiously, you can experience tears and paper jams. It is important to make sure that your essay is loaded correctly in the right direction. Apart from this, it is also highly recommended to choose a better quality of writing for your copier machine. 

Regular Maintenance

If you want your copier machine to work properly, make sure that you never skip its regular maintenance. Copier machine maintenance from a reliable service provider is a must. They can easily detect the issues that need to be checked and repaired. 


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The useful tips to keep your office copier running like new that are stated above will be a great help to make sure that your copier machine will function smoothly and safely. If you find that your office copier is not doing its job, consider calling a professional service technician to check your copier in no time.