Company with an A3 Color Printer

When it comes to technology these days, it looks like the pint-sized your gadget is, the better. But in business printing, we believe that the bigger the better. 

Some companies may think that they can’t justify the value of an A3 color printer within their office. However, with visual communication becoming trendy, the fast advanced demand for infographics and graphs is leading the way for extravagant paper and more colorful finishes. 

Research has shown that people recall 80% of what they see and do, in comparison to just 10% of what they hear. Whether you work with legal documents, difficult information, or marketing reports for associates and clients, first impression matters. And if you’re able to print in house with a reliable A3 color printer, you can make inspiring and engaging documents that would contribute to your business the competitive advantage. 

We’ve listed some of the key features of an A3 color printer that would make an impression with your clients;

Boost your brand and market presence

For any business gathering, whether it’s for future or new clients, your goals and proposals will be far more remarkable and easy to digest on a larger A3 color printer that prints with auspicious colors and visual stimulation, giving you the benefit over your competition and eventually more attention from the reader. 

A3 color printers tend to own bigger ‘engines’ and therefore more power than regular machines. This means you can get along through your printing jobs in half the time, again enhancing your office ingenuity.

They can also manage a much bigger workload since A3 color printers utilize bigger toner cartridges with a greater capacity, you don’t need to vary the toner frequently. 

Control over project deadlines

By dealing with your printing in-house, you have more grasp over your costs, deadlines, and in fact layouts and finish. This control will permit you to manage your coworkers and their projects more effectively while having the ability to alter anything you need right up to the 11th hour. 

Reduce costs

Not only will purchasing an A3 color printer authorize you to print more in house, but you can also utilize the larger paper for more paper printing. Keep an eye fixed on those finances with more grip over printer ink, and user concurrences so only chosen colleagues have access to the machine. 

Increase productivity and reduce spending

By having an All-in-One A3 color printer in every department of your business, your staff can cut the time down spent finding the printer, scanning, or faxing, and you can even build mobile connectivity to print their documents straight from mobile.

Investing in an A3 color printer will also allow your business to cut down on external costs by bringing marketing activities in-house. Instead of outsourcing the marketing resources, you have to print to a different company, waiting before your prints are ready while compromising to acquire a low-quality job you can just print your advancement materials and avoid risking on quality.

Some A3 models provide users the possibility to check their print job before clicking print. The color touch screen, which measures almost 5 inches, presents you with the alternative to preview your print job, providing you the time to adjust your settings. This is often great news for businesses aiming to enrich their productivity and reduce office down-time.


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If you purchase an A3 multifunction color printer for your office, then you can fax, scan, email, copy and print all from one machine which is ideal for smaller workgroups and offices with a quicker turnaround for documents.

So those are just a few of the essential features of A3 color printers that would make your business productive and efficient. If you would like to know more information on any of our models or if you need any support on picking the right A3 color printer model for you, just visit copier leasing services in Miami If you want to have an A3 Color Printer for your business or personal concern, then we have it here in Boise. We offer copier leasing for your new A3 Color printer that would make your business colorful.