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Copier Benefits That You Are Not Aware Of

When you decided to get that copier lease, the only thing that you may have had in mind is that you need to get the copiers ready for the start of the business. You may not have thought of purchasing a copier then because you wanted to use your initial start-up cost to cover more important investments for the business. Copier leasing services in Miami were the best option at that time right up until today because it takes your hands off of the maintenance and repair costs that come with using the copier. The leasing company takes care of everything that you may need. 

In the past, copiers were made to be just copiers. They were made to make copies of documents that needed to be reproduced. Copiers were the better option because printers back then can make copies of documents but their ink was far too expensive. These copiers used to do that one thing very well, making copies of documents and nothing more. 

Here are the things that your copier can do now that you may not be aware of:

Copiers evolve now

When businesses demanded more features, copiers had to continue to improve their technology. With the pure dedication of engineers and technicians came the rebirth of copiers as multi-functional machines that do more than just copying of documents. In this digital age, copiers are no longer called copiers anymore. They are referred to as multi-functional machines that most businesses use and for very good reasons. They can copy, scan, print and fax documents necessary to keep the business moving forward. 

Copiers are document finishers.

If you still have employees punching holes on the documents or stapling it together, then you are missing out on the opportunity to improve the efficiency in your office. The latest copiers can staple documents together by using an automated process. You can now direct the copiers to do the punching of the holes and the stapling of documents together. Not only is this reliable and fast, but it gives a more professional appearance to documents. 

Copiers can create a booklet out of the documents that you put in the copier for printing

You do not have to worry about a staff member getting it done on time. With just a few clicks in your copier, you can direct it to put a stapler at the center of the documents and fold them to form a booklet. This is ideal for start-up companies who want to put together booklets to introduce the range of services or products that they offer. 

If you are looking at developing a new file design to promote your business, then you need a copier to get the work done. 

The new technology that copiers offer includes the proper folding of documents after they have been the printer to get the desired look for your company fliers. Not only does it get the job done, but it does so with utmost consistency and of high-quality. 

You were right to get that copier lease for your business. There are more options for you when it comes to copiers when it is leased because you are not bound to just one copier for years. Copier leasing services in Miami can also help you choose the perfect copier for you and you to have an agent that will be more than willing to discuss the benefits and the features of each copier, so it will be easier for you to get the copier of your dreams. 

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