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How long should a printer or copier last

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Due to the great demand for office equipment, several technical services companies developed purchasing and copier leasing promotions to increase the number of customers patronizing their products and services. With this, customers must be wise and think twice before availing. 

There are a lot of things to consider in getting office equipment. Plenty of questions might be popping in your mind right now. When will I know if I need to buy or lease a copier or printer? What is the first thing that I must consider? These questions might concern you big time.

What is the expected life expectancy of a printer or copier?

Before making this big decision of buying or leasing, surely you’ll want to know how long the equipment is likely to serve you.

Most printers last around seven years or more, while a copier mostly lasts around three to five years. Though it is given and taken. A scenario in which the equipment’s life span depends on how the owner uses it and how well it is being taken care of. 

Various factors contribute to how long the equipment might serve its purpose. This may include the following:

  • The type and model of the equipment
  • The equipment’s overall quality and capacity
  • Maintenance 
  • Advanced security features 
  • Usage time
  • Number of users
  • Storage space 
  • Location of equipment
  • Electrical source malfunction or inequity

There are no fixed rules when it comes to printer or copier lifespan. Every office equipment varies in terms of life expectancy. If you want to know your copier or printer’s estimated life span, you can make use of the steps below.

  1. Find out how long it is designed to last by checking the manual.
  2. Check for the service recommendations. Specific recommendations are often provided for how often the equipment must undergo service. 
  3. Calculate the estimated life span of the equipment yourself. You can do your computation by considering the number of copies recommended by the manufacturer of the equipment’s printing and copying capacity. 

What will I do for my copier or printer to last longer?

Take note of the following tips for you to use your equipment for a longer time:

  1. Regularly clean it using a clean cloth. Remove dust, dirt and other particles carefully. 
  2. Ensure your equipment’s proper location. Place it away from direct sunlight, water droplets and air vents. It can affect its performance.
  3. Always make sure to use it carefully to avoid paper jams or other unexpected accidents.
  4. Use paper that is of high quality and with perfect compatibility with your printer or copier.
  5. Practice regular service for your equipment. It ensures maximum efficiency and maintains its top working performance.   

The lifespan of a printer or copier comes down to proper handling and maintenance. If properly taken care of, surely it will serve its purpose a lot longer. Now with those things to ponder, you are probably thinking to purchase or lease one. Well, now is a perfect time!

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