Now on the Web: Imagine the Year 2036

Tokyo, November 28, 2013, Ricoh is launching a project to develop a series of new online pieces in collaboration with “frontline creators,” people who map out the future in the form of fiction, manga, and video games. Based on the concept of freely imagining the year 2036, we explore different scenarios and ways in which people will work and communicate with one another in the future. Ricoh researchers follow up by talking again to the creators about the futures they have mapped out, to help expand their visions further.

In the first story, a science fiction author Hideaki Sena, known for his novel “Parasite Eve” takes his turn in imagining the year 2036. He is due to be followed by a well known manga artist and then a popular game creator. Throughout this three-part series, young and energetic illustrator Zain visualizes images of the future conjured up by each of the creators. Her sophisticated illustrations will bring the creators’ visions to life, and will be featured as content on the website, alongside the conversations with researchers.

“Imagine the Year 2036” special website
The first story features Hideaki Sena (left)
and Yohei Yamamoto, Ricoh (right)

Ricoh is constantly proposing work styles that offer people new value, at the interface of people and information. That has been part of Ricoh’s DNA since the 1950s, when the company pioneered “Office Automation.” Meanwhile we have all been enthralled by images of the near future since we were children, as fiction, manga and video games have continued to fire our imaginations. Bringing together researchers, whose job is to conceptualize new products and services with an eye to the future, in collaboration with creators, who map out the future with their imagination, will help to generate even more creative ideas and act as a driving force for change.

The corporate tagline “imagine. change.” embodies Ricoh’s goal of leveraging the collective imaginations of its people to drive change and deliver new value to customers.