Print Audit Revolutionizes Service and Supplies Alerting With Facilities Manager Version 3

Calgary, Alberta – Print Audit, the print management company, has released a major update for Facilities Manager, the company’s award winning remote device management solution.  Facilities Manager V3 features an all new alerting system designed to help MPS providers eliminate meaningless alerts and significantly increase the efficiency of their service and supply management programs.

Print Audit Facilities Manager is a powerful, easy to use managed print services tool designed to remotely collect meter reads, automate supplies fulfillment and report service information for managing fleets of printers, copiers and multi-function devices. The product is currently used by over 1,000 dealers worldwide and boasts a 40% market share in the United States.

One of the most common complaints office equipment dealers have about remote device management solutions is that they send too many, often irrelevant, alerts.  To eliminate this, Facilities Manager V3 Smart Alerts allow dealers to fully customize the way that alerts are triggered and cleared through the use of filters.  For example, previous supplies alerting could be affected by end-user behavior, such as users shaking toner cartridges, causing the system to produce duplicate alerts for a single condition. This can now be filtered out to eliminate duplicate alerts and the potential for unnecessary shipments of supplies.

“While Print Audit has long been known for having the most powerful alerting system, input from our dealers has helped us take Facilities Manager to a new level,”  said John MacInnes, President and CEO of Print Audit. “Last year over 100 dealers switched to Facilities Manager from other systems – not only because it is easier to use but also due to the fact that it saves them money and helps them to sell more.”

Facilities Manager V3 contains dozens of other alerting enhancements. Please visit the following page for a complete guide to what is new in this version:

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