Fuji Xerox New Manufacturing in Vietnam

Fuji Xerox Opens New Manufacturing Company in Vietnam

SINGAPORE – Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. officially announced the opening of its new manufacturing company—Fuji Xerox Hai Phong Co., Ltd.—in Hai Phong, Vietnam. Located in the Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park in Hai Phong with an investment of approximately nine billion yen, the 57,563 m² facility marks a major milestone for the company in Vietnam and will serve as a key manufacturing hub globally. Fuji Xerox Hai Phong plans to meet its full manufacturing capacity by the end of fiscal 2015.

The new facility will respond to increasing worldwide needs with the manufacturing and shipping of the latest products including digital color multifunction devices and small-sized light-emitting diode (LED) printers. With a manufacturing capacity of around two million units per year, the manufacturing facility will also manufacture key components for these devices such as printed wiring boards and drum cartridge components.

“Our new facility in Vietnam will combine our leading manufacturing expertise and operating standards to deliver innovative, high-quality products and solutions to customers around the world,” says Masaaki Nabeta, president, Fuji Xerox Hai Phong. “We are honored to be a part of Vietnam’s rapidly growing economy as we continue to invest and develop a world-class workforce working with the local community in the coming years.”

Platform-based development and manufacturing to respond to worldwide needs

To achieve more efficient manufacturing and shorter lead time, Fuji Xerox enforces  platform-based development and manufacturing: It develops common modules, which will be assembled in several models on one line at Fuji Xerox Hai Phong in the future. Under the “Built by Market” concept, Fuji Xerox adds the unique configurations onto the products right before shipment out of the factory, in the warehouse near the customer, or at the customer’s site upon installation to meet the diverse needs required by different markets worldwide. 

Vertical integration of manufacturing

Fuji Xerox Hai Phong will vertically integrate the self-manufacturing of the components and product assembly lines to enhance manufacturing efficiency. Components will be sourced from all over Asia to reduce cost, and ultimately to produce competitive products for the emerging markets in Asia Pacific, the United States and Europe.

Manufacturing management system common to all Fuji Xerox manufacturing sites

To quickly respond to the various situations that affect the manufacturing processes, Fuji Xerox Hai Phong will adopt the manufacturing management system that is used across other Fuji Xerox manufacturing facilities. This system enables the consolidated management of information required in the manufacturing processes—such as on the product design and component quality— and can be grasped in real time by all of the manufacturing facilities.

Decentralized manufacturing

In addition, efforts will be made to standardize the manufacturing line equipments and tools with other Fuji Xerox manufacturing sites to establish a company-wide decentralized manufacturing system. Its factories in China and Vietnam will deliver products to worldwide customers in a timely manner.

Facility with environmentally friendly features

With consideration to the environmental impact, Fuji Xerox Hai Phong will introduce energy-saving facilities—a sprinkler system recycling rain water collected on the factory roof to reduce load of air conditioning; hybrid outdoor lighting equipment using wind and solar power; and LED lighting for inside of the factory and office. Also, by fostering partnerships with its local partners, Fuji Xerox Hai Phong aims to make contributions in the community and local industry.

Fuji Xerox Hai Phong was established in August 2012 and began construction in January 2013. With the new manufacturing site, Fuji Xerox will strive to provide quality products that meet local market needs under the “Built by Market” concept, which is Fuji Xerox’s commitment to building products in or near the market where the products will be used in order to quickly and accurately reflect and meet various market needs.

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