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How To Be Better Your Business With A Copier Lease

The copiers and printers that we have in our office are not just for making copies and printing documents, although those features are very important. Using your copier to scan, copy, print, and fax documents will improve your business workflows. It can help you service your customers faster, speed up the invoice process, and more. Copiers can also help you save storage space and help you find information faster. 

Digitizing your business documents is the first step of automation. A combination of workflow, imaging, and document management software can supercharge and improve your business. Even if you are a small business, this process is still important for your growth. 

It is easier and faster to look for a document on your computer than by digging through dozens of manila folders. This scenario is true whether you are a small company or a large corporation. 

Having a copier available in your office can better the processes, and it can result in customer satisfaction. If you do not have a copier or a printer available, chances are invoices will be sitting on a desk, and they can be ignored, customers may submit documents, and when they call to check on the status, they have been forgotten. 

The availability of a copier can help you avoid this inconvenience. Businesses are aware that they need to do better. Around 72% of businesses say that improving their business processes would increase customer satisfaction and brand value, and this is from the research done Adobe’s Document Disconnect. HubSpot, a marketing automation company, had stated in their research that 65% of customers have said that they’ve cut ties with a brand because of one bad service experience. 

Copiers can help your business be more efficient. If a group of insurance agents eliminates the physical printing and mailing of 4,000 pieces of paper every month through an electronic process that saves 200 working hours each month, this allows them to add three new sales positions. If an engineering company implemented a paperless process, it could save 15 hours of filing every week, and that is half an hour of filing time for each employee each day. 

There are numerous ways on how automation can benefit companies. About one-third of companies have seen a decline in their review and their approval cycles, and 62% have stated that they have gained benefits from better routing to and between people. For 42% of participants, the benefits of having copiers come from greater business agility and routing between processes. 

Faster processing of business activities has provided the biggest value for 53% of participants. While 45% of participants cite their biggest value from fewer errors and exceptions processing. Payback has been realized within a year for 41% of respondents, of which 17% cite ROI within six months. For 25% ROI was within 18 months. 

Copiers can be used for more than just copies. You can use copiers to document your business processes. This does not have to be complicated; you can write down the steps that are involved. This will help you identify both redundant steps and opportunities for the workflow to automate the process. 

It is also important to identify bottlenecks, especially where the processes come to a standstill. Identify if there is too much work and responsibility that is landing on one person in your businesses. And, the most important thing to remember, never automate a bad business process; you will just make an inefficient process faster. As always, first identify business goals and objectives, then you can identify the technology that you need like scanners, copiers, printers, and document management.

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