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HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M844xh: Best Feature

Choosing a perfect laser printer is a daunting task, especially since huge printers are offered today. It can be a bit confusing starting from the different printer brands, the price it is provided, and the best features it possesses. If you are still unsure what kind of printer to choose, why not give HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M844xh a try? HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M844xh is one of the best printers in the market, worth every penny that you’re going to spend.

Printing Speed that Meets Your Demands and Needs

If you choose to have HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M844xh as the printer in your office, you are assured that it can give you printing speed that meets your demands and needs. It provides fast and high-quality colour printing on various media sizes for SRA3. It can also give you consistent and vibrant colour printing products fitted to your business or office work.

Apart from that, HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M844xh also features calibration technology concerning its paper, resulting in a very consistent page colour that you would love. It also gives tools for organizing documents conveniently and quickly. This includes a stack, fold, punch holes, and staple with some finishing options.

Boost Efficiency For Mobile Printing

Offices these days are into modern means of printing through the use of their mobile phones. Well, if you choose to have HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M844xh over other kinds of printers, you can have efficient mobile printing at all times. This is because M844xh gives all its users direct yet effortless access to the printer regarding wireless printing.

You can have mobile printing as fast as possible with HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M844xh through its NFC and HP e-print kind of software and application. It also allows users to print safely and wirelessly from their iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and all other mobile phones you have using its AirPrint. Smooth, efficient, and convenient printing work will be done if you choose to have this kind of laser printer in your office.

HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M844xh: Best Feature

Price That Suits Its Performance

When choosing the best printer for your office, one of the things considered first is more on the price of the printer itself. If you choose HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M844xh, you are assured that the money you will spend in purchasing the product will be all worth it. This is because such a laser printer is offered at an affordable price yet with an assurance of giving you high-quality performance for your office needs.

The affordability of such a printer doesn’t necessarily mean that it provides low performance. It just gives you the chance to make use of this printer without experiencing any difficulty at all, especially when it comes to money. So, protect your own office today and add this HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M844xh.


HP Color Laserjet Enterprise M844xh will give your office access to simplified and fast colour printing with perfect and professional finishing. This printer is equipped with high quality and the best features that you would love. Apart from that, using this would also assure you of having work done smoothly, efficiently, and fast without experiencing any trouble.

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