Canon Copy Machine

The need for a copying machine that will copy the stuff with less delay and much ease is the need of every industry. The Cannon Image runner 5075 manufactured by cannon is one of the best in its kind. It does the work easily and is not so easily prone to damage. Let us now take a look of some of the features of the Cannon image runner 5075 which made it the favorite in small and large scale business.

Cannon image runner 5075  is incorporated with cannons new CHIP (Concurrent Hyper Intelligent Platform) architecture, this new technology enables the Cannon image runner 5075 to five digital outputs at a lightning speed of up to 75 pages per- minute. This means more time is saved and hence increase in productivity. The other versions the image runner 5065 and image runner 5075 can deliver the output at a speed of 65ppm and 55 ppm respectively. The Cannon image runner has  a long lasting  Amorphous Silicon drum , a much large paper capacity , fast warm up/ recovery times , these are a few factors which helps the cannon image runner 5075 to stand ahead of others. There hi tech devices deliver a rock solid reliability needed in high volume office and production environments.

The new image runner model 5075 and the others are equipped with enough processing power in order to handle complex jobs which are required by various environments. The new model from cannon has a duel processor controller design, 1 GB RAM and 40 GB hard disc drive which provides superior productivity and operational concurrency in order for multifunction performance. One of the main advantage of these models are that they provide a much higher image quality with 1.200 x 1,200 dots-per- inch which is also known as dpi and it uses cannon’s fine Character and Edge technology  (FCET) .

Cannons multifunction Embedded Application Platform (MEAP)  is available for advanced customization.

One of the best thing about the image runner 5075 is that this device has the capability of handling high capacity document processing options. Let us now take a look of some of the highlights of the image runner5075.

•  It contains a single pass duplex scanner also known as the feeder which has the ability scanning both sides of the originals simultaneously at speeds up to 100 images – per minute (pmi) and at a resolution of 300 dpi and the document feeding capacity of up to 100 sheets which can improve the document distribution. Archiving and communication.

•  The user is availed with the option of choosing two paper decks, including a large Size paper deck which has the capacity ti insert pre- printed cover sheets into job streams

•  An optional puncher is provided to punch two or three holes together