Canon Information and Imaging Solutions Debuts Print IT Infrastructure Management Services

Canon Information and Imaging Solutions Debuts Print IT Infrastructure Management Services

MELVILLE, N.Y. – Committed to providing services that help customers improve their Return on Investment (ROI), Canon Information & Imaging Solutions (CIIS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc., announces the immediate availability of Print IT Infrastructure Management Services; value-added services designed for customers to outsource the management of their IT infrastructure, specifically related to printing. Through this service, CIIS will manage print servers, print drivers, and provide output device mapping, monitoring, configuration and network attachment.

“Printing infrastructure is often a low priority area for IT – as a result, this lack of focus generally leads to on-going printing challenges, and a large number of support requests,” said Satoshi Nagata, President, Canon Information and Imaging Solutions. “Print IT Infrastructure Management Services will free up internal IT resources from those tasks to let them focus on mission critical projects, resulting in improved ROI and increased efficiency for both IT and printer users.”

According to numerous research studies conducted by multiple industry analyst firms and Canon’s own research, managing printers and the related print IT infrastructure rarely ranks in the top priorities of IT organizations. When compared to core IT functions related to maintaining network availability and applications, print IT infrastructure gets little attention. Through its Print IT Infrastructure Management Service CIIS will take on the management and operation of the client’s print servers, leveraging Canon’s print expertise to help clients utilize their infrastructure related to printing in a more effective way. CIIS can draw on its vast experience assessing and optimizing print related processes for many clients, as well as best-in-class technology tools, to streamline print management for any organization.

As part of the service, CIIS will configure, name and connect all print capable devices to the client’s network, create physical mapping of all devices within the network environment, and establish a web portal to be housed on the client’s Intranet, for downloading and installation of pre-configured print drivers. By implementing software capable of monitoring the network environment for removal/addition of print devices, CIIS will manage the entire infrastructure driving greater print productivity for the client’s organization and delivering effective support in cases where print related challenges do arise.

“CIIS’ delivery of Print IT Infrastructure Management Services is a natural extension of CIIS’ overall services delivery portfolio,” said Angele Boyd, Group Vice President/GM Document Solutions/Printing/Imaging & SMB Research Practices IDC, “As our research indicates, print IT infrastructure management is a source of significant inefficiency in most organizations leading to increased cost and loss of core IT focus. CIIS’ offering is well positioned to address this inefficiency and ideally suited for standalone delivery or when included as part of a managed print services engagement.”

The Print IT Infrastructure Management Services are available directly from CIIS and traditional Canon U.S.A., Inc. channels of distribution, will be priced based upon a detailed Statement of Work and are transacted based upon a one-time setup fee and a monthly management fee. Minimum contract terms are in increments of one year.

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