Parts Now Announces Distribution of Memjet

Parts Now Announces Distribution of Memjet-Powered C6030 MFP

MADISON, Wis. – Parts Now announced it has added a new Memjet-Powered MFP, the C6030, to its C6000 series offering, which currently includes the Memjet-powered C6010 color printer. The Memjet-powered C6000 series printers will also now be made available to all resellers in the Parts Now distribution network. Parts Now will continue to provide dedicated technical support, technical dealer training, warranty desk and administrative dealer support for Memjet-powered printers.

“By making these printers available to our entire channel of resellers, we are helping make a larger network of small and medium businesses more productive, professional and cost efficient,” said Matt McLeish, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Parts Now.

“The addition of the C6030 MFP will now drive new value into Parts Now reseller accounts with a low cost, and a blazing fast color alternative that also combines the functionality of a scanner and a printer into one unit,” stated Kim Beswick, president, Memjet Office. “Parts Now opening this offering to its entire reseller network is a vote of confidence in the power of Memjet-powered printers and their beneficial impact on small and medium businesses, as well as the profitability of resellers who sell to those companies.

The C6030 MFP provides an amazing combination of color, speed and low running costs in a convenient desktop format that is workflow-friendly with scan to e-mail/file and copy functions. It prints at a default of 60 pages per minute, making it a fast and affordable business printing solution for small or large work teams. On average, Memjet’s groundbreaking, high-density page-wide printheads and associated office-printing devices are twice as fast but only half the cost to run compared to that of traditional color office laser printers. With the C6030, businesses can print edge-to-edge color with no delays between pages. The C6030 releases up to 700 million drops of ink per second to create beautiful and vivid color printouts. Additionally, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint with the authorized ink refill program for low cost-per-page (CPP).

As the industry’s leading distributor of printer parts, Parts Now has made aggressive strides in expanding its product and service portfolios. Parts Now has a vision to offer everything a print and imaging reseller requires to run and support their program. The Memjet-powered C6000 series printers and related refilling and support services are compelling additions to the Parts Now catalog, now benefiting the entire network of Managed Print Services (MPS) resellers.

Parts Now will sell the Memjet-powered C6000 series printers in the U.S. and Canada, as well as Memjet consumable ink tanks, printheads, parts and refilled ink tanks in the U.S. to all MPS resellers.

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